Carrion Seeks Revenge lunched on you tube

First track from “Dealing with the Harvester” lunged on our official page at Youtube Check it here: Also, at our bandcamp page is another track  titled “Dark Veil“. You can listen it here: Both track can be downloaded from bandcamp page: Enjoy!  

Official Release Day is set to 6 February 2019

Dealing with the Harvester release day is set to 6 February 2019. New album will be released in 3 different formats. First will be created handcrafted digipacks and 100 limited edition handcrafted by Cosmic Plunge wooden boxes. There will be a 180 gr LP version in the near future.

Upcomimg album’s title and track list

So, it's time for some good news.
Jim makes his move and hit the studio to record the vocals for the 2nd CP album,
"Dealing with the Harvester" which includes 6 chapters.

1. Chooser of Slain
2. Everything is Written on the Cliffs
3. Carrion Seeks Revenge
4. Dark Veil
5. March of Crows
6. A Kind Heart Cannot Endure

2 great gigs – 2 great nights!

H φωτιά έσβησε ο καπνός έμεινε! Δυο Live τελείωσαν! Σηκώνουμε το ποτήρι μας σε όλους που βρεθήκατε σε Χανιά και Ηράκλειο, σε Μουσική Αμηχανία και τα αδέρφια μας στον ΒΟΜΒΟΣ Μουσικός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος,τη Στοά 60, Last Rizla The Curf, Agnes Vein,  Sküma Steve Barl. Νέα σύντομα! Cheers!

A night to remember

A night to remember

Yesterday was a blast!
One of our best shows and surely the longest one (until now). Thank you all crazy local people! Your love and support, keep us to the rails. 

And of course, thanks to our brothers and sisters at the place we call home (Στοά 60) and the mighty Wise Astronomist for that killer perfomance! 
More gigs/news/music/albums/amps/walls of amps/monsterous walls of amps/pedals/disco balls/ventilators shall come!
Stay tuned and heavy

Photo Credit: Anna Marathaki

Down Tuned Daze gig confirmed

We’ve been quiet for sometime but something heavy is born and will be released soon. Until then some great gig on the way!We will be along side great bands at Down Tuned Daze No.6 in Heraklion!